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Your kitchen systems and pantry should work for you, not against you. A good kitchen system means, it's easy to experiment with flavour, everyone can eat the food and feel good, and you get more joy out of cooking.


Hi! I’m Duncan and I’m a passionate homecook and kitchen systems geek.


I help people to eat well and get joy out of food and cooking.


In 2013 I had a wrecked digestive system, no immune system, terrible acne, and I was working 60 plus hours per week. I learned that I needed to cut dairy, wheat, and sugar – staples in the North-American diet! I found it incredibly lonely and challenging to eat well and have a life.

I’ve spent the past 5 years rebuilding my body, eating healthy, delicious, exciting meals every day. Turns out, making food without dairy, wheat, sugar, and other allergens doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be liberating!

I’ve had incredible support from Naturopathic Doctors, holistic nutritionists, chefs, and my community in Wolfville, and I’d like to give back by sharing the kitchen kitchen systems and processes that make it easier to eat well with a busy schedule.

In order to do this, I’ve put my profitable social enterprise marketing business on hold for the foreseeable future. Why? Because every day I meet another member of my community who is struggling to eat well on a busy schedule, eat according to their dietary needs, and feel excited about food.

Doing this work means that I (get to) work with amazing people to create systems in their lives and set up their kitchens in ways that make it easy to eat healthy and delicious food all the time – despite busy lives & dietary restrictions. Together, we build healthy kitchen systems and habits that make yummy, exciting meals doable. We start with setting personal goals, then build a system that works for your life and what you like to eat. Here are some of the principles I use to guide this work:

Kitchen Coaching Principles



Cooking can  take a long time and can feel like a chore if you have to start from scratch every time you want to eat. If you aim for 90% prepped ingredients and 10% pickup/cook/toss/plate, you will be able to experiment, play, and eat well all the time. In culinary school, this is called “Mise En Place” and it makes 5 min meals possible.

Taste Balance

Cooking well requires understanding that there are 5 key types of taste receptors: saltsweet, sour, bitter, and umami. If you practice using these tastes as your “flavour compass,” you will be able to make any dish taste amazing. We cover this at all stages, from pantry setup, to satisfying cheese and sweet cravings, to fun flavour hacks.


Play and Simplify

Forget what your mom told you about not playing with your food, play with your food! Experimenting is the only way to get more joy out of cooking and get better at cooking. With the 90/10 rule and a well setup pantry, experimenting is effortless. Use the best local produce you can buy and start by making dishes with only 2-3 ingredients to practice flavour balancing.


Think Southern

If you want to eat more veggies, less grains, less dairy, and less sugar,  and feel energized after every meal, look to traditional foods and foods of the global south: Mexico, South America, Southern Asia, Africa, India etc. These cuisines all tend to have less wheat, sugar, and dairy and the flavours make vegetables exciting. Many southern cuisine flavours are easily adaptable to  northern climate produce and they taste amazing. 

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