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It’s been awhile so this email is going to be packed full of yumminess and useful systems. Due to my sensitivity of sugar, gluten, and dairy, I find the holiday season to be difficult because of the “sugar and digestive coma” I go into when I eat these foods. With this in mind, here are some helpful resources to keep the holidays enjoyable.

Protein Meal Planning: Proteins for each day of the Week

Anne and I created this to help us plan which proteins we eat every day. We find we get jittery and scattered if we don’t have enough protein. Proteins can also slow down sugar intake. You can download a PDF printable copy for your fridge here

Sweet Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Paleo Protein Packed Recipes

Chewy Chocolate Energy Bites Recipe

Paleo Blueberry Banana Muffins – I’ve made these several times and they turned out amazing every time.
Cashew Cheese Cake – here’s one I made with Zeus at Eos earlier this year. I recommend using the base of the cake, then put whatever fruit you have available. Blended frozen fruit works or grapefruit slices work well as fruit topping.

The Key to Great Cranberry Sauce – my Italian mother’s cranberry sauce recipe

Kitchen and Health Hacks: Sugar free, dairy free, meal planning

Slow Down Sugar Intake – I find nuts and nut butters helpful for slowing down sugar intake or for replacing sweets, more on this here.

If you know you’re going to over eat at a holiday dinner, have some bitters (from local health food store or cocktail bitters are fine too) or a glass of water with lemon juice 30 min before you eat. Even thinking about eating a lemon will start the digestive system. Try it, is your mouth watering?

Eat savoury dinner foods for breakfast and lunch – this ensures I get a full serving of protein and fat, but more importantly I don’t crave sugar/sugar-like carbs in the late morning and afternoon as much.

Emergency Food Pack – I’ve always found that even with a great food prep. system, remembering to pack all the healthy food snacks every day is tricky, so planning for “system failure” is a must. Dr Hyman provides some helpful suggestions in this video. Having snacks I like on hand, helps me from eating every holiday treat in sight :p

Fun Kitchen Coaching

I’ve decided to take on 2 clients/week for kitchen coaching. Here’s a bit more information about it if you’re curious.

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Photo by: Zeus